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Ep. 102 – Selling a Roofing Company for $20M

When it comes to building strong relationships and creating a business that lasts for generations, it’s never about the money. While money is a resource that helps you grow your business, the end goal should always be about leaving communities better than you found them. 

This week, I am talking with Sean about what led to him launching, scaling, and selling his roofing company for $20M. Sean shares insight into how his unique business model served his local community and made long-lasting relationships with his clients. We talk in-depth about the importance of focusing on people over profits and why getting jobs doesn’t mean you’re winning the race. We also discuss the entrepreneurial spirit of always looking to level up and how to grow and scale your business the right way. 

Remember, commas in your bank account mean nothing if you’re not nurturing relationships outside of the company. At the end of the day, the end result isn’t the $ amount you take home but your reputation and the reputation of your company that lasts a lifetime. 

 Topics Discussed:

  • Owning mistakes as an entire team 
  • Why money is only part of the process, not the end goal
  • The difference between revenue and profit 
  • How to create a legacy business
  • Building a solid foundation for your company 

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  • “Nothing has the potential to appreciate or scale like owning multiple businesses, especially businesses that own real estate.”
  • “How you perform when things go wrong separates you from your competition. It’s okay to make mistakes because it allows you to go out there and show them why they hired you vs. the other guys.”
  • “There are people out there willing to lend a helping hand, bounce ideas off, and give you the motivation to start your entrepreneurial journey. All it takes is reaching out.”
  • “Get yourself out there and talk to people. You never know who you will come across willing to give you the motivation and get you started on your journey.”


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