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Ep. 104 – Working off a Retainer to Working for Ownership

No amount of money can determine your worth. If you’re unhappy with where you are and what you’re doing, the dollar signs mean nothing. You could be making millions of dollars, but that doesn’t mean a thing if you’re constantly feeling like you’re running in circles, utterly dissatisfied with where you’re at in life. Tired of feeling stressed out, bogged down with work, and frustrated with how you’re feeling at the end of the day? Then this episode is for you. 

This week, I’m diving into the epiphany I had four years ago around the difference between working off a retainer to working for ownership. I also walk you through the moment that completely changed my life and business for the better. After taking ownership of 8 companies over the past few years, I’ve gained incredible insight into how to run a better business model, the main ingredient for authentic and effective marketing, and how to strengthen my relationships with clients and friends-turned-business partners. Be sure to listen in as I share my top 10 lessons learned in business and why making more money could be costing you joy. 

Want to learn more about how I scaled Energy Shield of New Hampshire with just a google document and a CRM? Stay tuned for the next week’s episode as I share how YOU can do the same with your company!

Topics Discussed:

  • Why raising your rates won’t fix your disconnect with the work you’re doing
  • How to effectively mix friendships and business partnerships
  • Making progress by taking calculated risks
  • Recognizing there are no failures, just costs associated with life lessons 
  • Why you should NEVER sacrifice authentic relationships for shiny, new objects

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  • “I was all over the road, doing a lot of things. The revenue was awesome, but I was super frustrated. Praises were shouted from the rooftops about my work, but the frustration was building. I repeatedly raised my rates, trying to match my worth per hour. I was up to making $2,500 an hour and still didn’t feel I was getting what I was worth for the results I was producing.”
  • “You can teach organizations and systems, but you can’t teach someone to hustle.”
  • “I didn’t understand the conundrum I was facing. I didn’t understand the dollar-per-hour battle I was in. Then later, I learned that no amount of money could compensate me per hour. As my skills, experience, and track record increased, and the testimonies piled up surrounding what I was doing with the clients I was working with, and the results they were getting just weren’t adding up.”
  • “I have such a high standard for myself and the work I’m performing for my clients that I never want to take on again more than I can do at a 110%. It’s not fair to my other clients.”
  • “You’re not building a business, you’re building a reputation.”

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