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Ep. 105 – 2 years to 6Xing a Company with a CRM and Google Doc

There is no such thing as “slot machine” growth, only slow and steady growth. Too many business owners make uneducated guesses about their financial health. But in order to grow and scale your business, you must take out the guessing game and start figuring out the correct mathematical equation. In order to do that, you must first put the systems and automations in place to take your business to the next level. 

This week, I’m sharing how I 6x’ed Energy Shield of New Hampshire with just a Google Document and a CRM in just two short years and how we went from 5 employees to 15 and counting. 

When I first moved back to New Hampshire and gained ownership of Energy Shield of New Hampshire, there were no systems in place. There was no way to track customer appointments, deposits or final payments, materials ordered, and there was no schedule of projects from start to finish. There was a lot of money being thrown out the door. 

So I got busy building systems, hiring the right people for the right positions, tracking where the money was going in and out, and effectively communicating with every single client of ours. One of the biggest takeaways was that no homeowner wants to be surprised when it’s time to pay their final bill at the end of the day. The key to ensuring there are no secrets or surprises for the homeowner is to set clear expectations, use effective communication, and ensure everything is organized on the backend. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Setting the tone for your team and your clients
  • Financial health: one of the most overlooked things in business
  • Why $ raises aren’t keeping your employees happy
  • How to scale your business despite the growing material costs
  • Why you need to build systems before you hit the throttle

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  • “One main principle we as a company carry through our entire process is customers over profit.”
  • “We have direct communication with the customers. Even if we can’t do their job, we are in contact with and talk to every single customer or potential customer that comes our way.”
  • “One of the greatest money losses for businesses is that they crank up their marketing efforts before they ever have systems in place to ensure client calls are being answered, appointments are being booked, and the homeowner is being followed up with.”
  • “With effective systems in place, can scale your business and know the outcomes on the other side.”

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