Ep. 109 – How One $8k Error Made Me More $ Than I Can Count

If you lead your business with honesty and integrity, you’re setting yourself up for a successful company. While building a scalable company isn’t for the faint of heart, it is doable and it can be done the right way. You just have to nurture your relationships and honor your previous agreements. 

But sometimes other people don’t always hold their end of the bargain. One of the key lessons I share this week is how a $8k error made by a former supplier has made my company more money than I can count. One of the most important lessons you can learn from your mistakes is how to leverage your errors in order to grow. Owning up to your mistakes and recognizing ways to improve will help you create stronger relationships and scale your company. When you constantly evaluate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, the room for error shrinks over time. 

Not only can you leverage your mistakes but you can also leverage your relationships. Though, the number one thing you have to remember about leverage is that you have to have some weight on the other side of the scale. If you don’t have something to offer on your end, it’s a lead that goes nowhere and the other person can see that it’s not a mutual benefit for them. To learn more about how to leverage your mistakes, strengthen your relationships, and how technology can propel your growth and scalabilyt, tune into this week’s episode of Purpose Chasers!

Topics Discussed:

  • Streamlining your business to make it more efficient to scale up
  • Why you need a “fail safe” tracking method for your business
  • Red flags to look out for when doing business with other suppliers
  • How technology helps your business stay accountable

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  • “Technology saves time and minimizes the risk of error through accountability”
  • “A lot of companies should be asking themselves how they can leverage their errors.”
  • “We can be friends but if you don’t navigate business from a high-level of integrity with my interest in mind, there is no friendship. I’m thinking about you and how to be the best customer possible but if you’re thinking about yourself, it’s not going to work.” 
  • “One of the key ingredients to rapid and massive revenue scale is strengthening and leveraging relationships in business.” 
  • “The time on-site should be spent being as productive as humanly possible.”

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