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Ep. 111 – YOU are a Reflection of Your Team

This week, I’m sharing the lessons learned from terminating two individuals who are near and dear to me. Terminating employees who are like friends and family is one of the most challenging decisions I’ve ever had to make in business. But one of the most valuable takeaways is the importance of asking how YOU can do better. How can you be a better leader and team leader? What areas can you improve on to future-proof the relationships in and out of your company? 

While entrepreneurs and team leaders don’t regularly ask this, it’s important to instill it into your team. When you own up to your mistakes and treat others equally, you create a strong accountability structure moving forward that everyone can pick up on. On the flip side, just as owning up to your mistakes is necessary for team success, so is praise and appreciation. Ensuring that you point out the achievements of your team members lets them know that you’re investing in their growth and security. 

Purpose Chasers, be sure to tune in next week as I share how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applies to business, specifically how it applies to your employees and team members. 

Topics Discussed:

  • The Number 1 question to ask yourself when facing adversity in your business
  • Why owning your mistakes makes you a better leader
  • Finding mutual ground and equality with your team
  • Establishing a solid accountability structure
  • Understanding the balance between praise and demand

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Mark Crandall

  • “Whenever something happens that negatively impacts your company, the most important question to ask yourself is, “What can I do better.” 
  • “An iron fist can only go so far, but too much praise can get you in trouble. Finding the balance between praise and demand is key.”
  • “I never want to be better than the team beside me. I don’t view myself as better or less than the people surrounding me. We are all equal.”
  • “Making money is great, but not on the backs of those you rarely show appreciation to.”
  • “Good is the enemy of the great. Keeping the good may prevent the great from ever gracing you with their presence.”

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