Ep. 112 – Hierarchy of Needs of Your Employee

According to Abraham Maslow, all humans operate inside a Hierarchy of Needs. The Hierarchy of Needs includes Physiological Needs, Saftey, Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self-Actualization. These needs are what drive and motivate human behavior. When it comes to business, creating a vision for your employees to align themselves with is the key to recruiting and maintaining employees. 

This week, I’m sharing a quick overview of the 5 Stages of the Hierarchy of Needs and how to fit the company’s vision with your employees’ driving factors and behaviors. Once you recognize and understand your employees’ needs and how you can help them attain them, you and your team will reap many benefits, including maximum production, happiness, and self-fulfillment.

Purpose Chasers, be sure to tune in next week as I share part two of how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs applies to business, specifically how it applies to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs breakdown
  • How to help your employees map out a career, not a job
  • Goal setting as a team vs. individual goals (hint: teamwork is HIGHLY beneficial)
  • Create a vision that motivates your to take on new roles and responsibilities

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  • “My belief of the Hierarchy of Needs is that you can never have enough behaviors that are driving multiple phases of the hierarchy because your behavior is dictated in that single stage you are seeking to fulfill.” 
  • “Every human is striving to get to a place of self-actualization, the desire to become the most that one can be, but a lot of people never get to experience that because they don’t get the lower level needs met.”
  • “I use all my team members’ goals to drive my behavior. Team members hitting their goals and hierarchy of needs allows me to sustain self-actualization.”

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