Ep. 91 – Turning video into an ATM w/ Aleric Heck

Are you tired of throwing money out the door on generic Facebook ads in hopes of potentially landing a client? Are you looking to invest in the long term game of cultivating authentic relationships?

Then you’re going to love our guest this week on Purpose Chasers ®

This week, I am speaking with Aleric Heck, YouTube Ads Expert and Founder of AdOutreach where he and his company have helped hundreds of clients leverage the power of YouTube Ads to generate a collective 8-figures in revenue. With 10+ years experience on YouTube and scaling his first channel to over 400k+ subscribers, Aleric helps Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators generate leads & sales through YouTube Ads.

As we discuss the difference between an “expense” and an “investment”, we dive into how to utilize multiple social platforms by researching your market and the needs of your ideal client. Aleric shares with us that in order to build trust with your clients, you need to be investing in authentic connection and sharing your story in a way that helps your audience.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why individuals are sick and tired of entrepreneurs hard selling them
  • The difference between an “expense” and an “investment”
  • How true connection lies within storytelling
  • Learning to utilize multiple social platforms
  • The secret sauce to reaching your ideal client
  • Why you need to be building trust within your brand

Gain access to resources and/or work with Mark or his marketing team direct visit: www.scaletosaleconsulting.com

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Mark Crandall

  • “Make sure you do your research.”
  • “So many individuals get started in the online and digital space and all their attention is focused on profit. But their funnel sucks and it’s not working no matter how much money they put behind it because they’re not bringing the value on the front end.”
  • “The more value I bring clients, the higher the conversion rate.”
  • “In my experience, you can’t convince somebody of the power of digital marketing.”
  • “The world is sick of hard selling. They want authentic relationships.”
  • “Authentic relationships make the sales.”
  • “Hard Selling doesn’t work because it causes a lot of frustration on the backend based on the feeling of being pressured into a decision that they didn’t want to make.”

Aleric Heck

  • “You need to make sure that you are putting yourself forward and that people trust you. You need to connect with people and share your story.”
  • “The biggest mistake people make is that they don’t provide value or trust behind their product or service.”
  • “The best thing that can happen is that people come to a decision on their own because then they are all in. They’re actually excited about implementing and taking action.”

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