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Ep. 92 – Just Filing an LLC Isn’t Safe w/ Nick Dupre, ESQ

Stop trying to fill roles that you’re not equipped to fill!

Last week, I shared my super painful and expensive lesson of trying to be my own attorney. After years of trying to fill the wrong role in my business, I realized that to level up, I needed to call the experts. 

This week, I am talking with my personal business attorney, Nicholas A. Dupre. Nick is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate and is a native Houstonian in his 15th year of practice. Before becoming an owner and partner of his own firm in 2017, Nick worked 12+ years for two premier boutique firms in the Houston and Woodlands area. 

Nick assists and protects small to midsize businesses. His work concentrates on probate, estate and gift tax planning, business planning, taxation, and asset protection. Nick also focuses on estate administration, charitable organizations, real estate transactions, tax controversies, and intellectual property transactions.

Nick is also married to his chemical engineer wife of 16 years and has four amazing children (3 girls and 1 boy) 10 years old and younger.  

Join us this week as we discuss how to understand asset protections and bylaws for your business. We also talk about different vetting practices to ensure the right attorney for you. 

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Hire the right business attorney for you. Your relationships (and your pocketbook) will thank you for it. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Learning how to separate the work you’re doing from your business 
  • Why a good contract keeps you out of litigation 
  • The liabilities around acquisition and taking over equity in a company
  • Viewing business attorneys as an investment, not an expense
  • The importance of documenting everything!

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Mark Crandall

  • Gaining a percentage of a company doesn’t mean that you’re gaining money, you could immediately be gaining debt. So, is the equity you’re gaining in the positive or in the red?”

Nick Dupre

  • When you form a company, there are two classes of people: The people that run it and the people that own it.” 
  • “Once you get sued, it’s too late to do any planning.” 
  • “The sooner you can set it up appropriately and analyze, the better.” 
  • “Good attorneys should be as invested in your business as possible.”
  • “Negotiating is always better than litigating.”
  • “Once you get into court, it’s really hard to get out. And once you get into court, it gets really expensive really fast. Your attorney takes the emotion out of the situation and is the mouthpiece for your contract.” 
  • “A good business attorney keeps your business upright and not keeps you bogged down in your lawsuits.”
  • “A good attorney will know when to say no and find someone better suited for your specific need.”

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