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Ep. 93 – Making a lot of money is bad without a plan w/ Sarah Jones, CPA

Last week, I shared how a scarcity mindset in business leads to large tax bills. Once I gained clarity on my financial goals, my mindset shifted into how I was going to secure my financial success. By hiring a certified and licensed professional tax planner and bookkeeper, my business began to level up exponentially. 

This week, I am talking with my personal Tax Planner & Bookkeeper, Sarah Shannon-Jones, owner of Lenwood Hazel Group. With over 15 years of experience, Sarah holds 3 Masters’ degrees, a Certificate from Cornell University is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS-licensed in all 50 states, and is a Certified Tax Coach-an an exclusive designation available only to an Attorney, CPA, or EA in the United States.

Lenwood Hazel Group is a unique, full-service tax and bookkeeping firm that creates massive value by integrating advanced tax strategies that are custom-built for each client. LHG also specializes in custom-built CFO services to transform our client’s financial cycle and bring in-depth visibility to operations.

Their mission is to help their clients, BUILD their dreams, PROTECT their assets, and GROW their legacy.

Join us this week as we discuss the importance of tax planning and bookkeeping and why they are essential to your business success. We also discuss the difference between thinking small and aligning your business ventures with your core values. By planning for your financial goals now, ensures a successful financial future. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why tax planning & booking are the foundation of a successful business 
  • Focusing on the clarity and core values of your company
  • The power of having monthly reports to see the trends of your business
  • Why you should be working with qualified professionals
  • Aligning your business ventures with a clear vision of your goals 

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Mark Crandall

  • The more businesses that I work within Marketing and Consulting, the more that I learn that most people don’t learn that tax planning and booking are priorities.”
  • “I believe that I am a better steward of my money than the Government is. I believe that I can do more good with my money than the Government can.”

Sarah Jones

  • If you are not doing your own books, if they aren’t being done correctly, or if you’re just taking in receipts and are very unorganized at the end of the year, you are literally costing yourself thousands of dollars.”
  • “My top tip for anybody when it relates to money and growing their business is to get clarity. Go and figure out what your mission is, why you’re here, and what you want to give to the world.”
  • “I made the most mistakes in my business when I ventured into things that didn’t align with what was important to me. 
  • “You need to have a set of core values of what you’re going to operate on.”
  • “If a business opportunity came to our business, it is first filtered through our core values and our mission statement. If it doesn’t align, we don’t take it on.”
  • “When I got clear on my goals, I grew exponentially. Our company is laser-focused on what we’re bringing to the market and how we’re impacting our clients. We don’t deviate from that.”

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