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Ep. 97 – Started with a funnel…now I’m here w/ Steve Larsen

Did you know that there is a major difference between sales funnels and marketing your product? Although both work well in tandem with each other, sales funnels only capture the effectiveness of marketing. However, when implemented in the right way, sales funnels and marketing can increase your revenue with effective strategy and firm foundations. Our guest this week shares how he found freedom from learning from his past marketing failures. 

This week, I am speaking with Steve Larsen, Master Offer Crafter, Sales Funnel Creator, and host of Sales Funnel Radio to discuss the different levels of marketing and why sales funnels are only part of the equation. Steve shares his past experience of being the Lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels and how it led to receiving the Two Comma Club Award after reaching $1 million only 13 months later. Through his podcast, Steve shares his best practices, teaches the finer points of marketing, offer creation, and “funnelology”. 

We discuss the biggest mistake most people make when launching a new product or service and what we can learn from Hollywood’s effective marketing and promotional strategies. If you’re looking for a quick, bite sized but epic conversation around the levels of marketing, then this episode is for you!

 Topics Discussed:

  • Why you need to create hype around launching a new product
  • What hollywood can teach us about funnels and marketing 
  • The difference between failure and freedom
  • Switching the narrative around selling products and providing a solution
  • Recognizing how relationships create more success than solopreneurship 

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Steve Larsen 

  • “One of the biggest things that I had to learn was the difference between a sales funnel builder and a marketer. I thought they were the same thing but they are not. You are just one funnel away from success, but you just have no idea which one it is.”
  • “Funnels are very powerful but they’re not marketing. Funnels capture the effects of marketing.” 
  • “No matter the product, online or offline, the biggest mistake people make is that the first time they ever mention the fact that they have a product the day it’s available. There is no hype or suspense built around it.”
  • “It’s no longer what I sell, it’s who do I want to sell to and what are they struggling with? The market will tell you what they want you to sell them.”
  • “I’ve never seen anyone make a million dollars on their own. The faster someone can get past the allure and sexiness of getting past a solopreneur, you go faster together.” 
  • “Your first hire should also be a revenue generating role somehow. It helps that you’re not the only revenue driver starting out the gate.”

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