Season 3-episod 99

Ep. 99 – Trying to be Further Than You are Will Cost You a Lot w/ Natalie Jill

Are you living with unwanted F.A.T.? Do you often feel depressed, stressed, or less than in any area of your life? If you struggle to own your worth or struggle with feeling confident in yourself, then you might just be lettering F.A.T. get in the way of stepping into your greatest potential.  

This week, I am talking with Natalie Jill, Fat Loss Expert turned High-Performance Coach and host of the Leveling Up podcast. Natalie shares with us how she kills FAT for a living, both the fat on our bodies AND the F.A.T. getting in the way of showing up for ourselves. We discuss the importance of focusing on relationships in and outside of business as well as how to define your own version of success.

Join us this week as we continue to change the way society views hustle and why we need to burn our false assumed truths.

 Topics Discussed:

  • How F.A.T. (false assumed truths) is holding us back
  • The dangers of living a false life
  • Why keeping up appearances keeps us down
  • Stages of comparison (and why it robs us of our potential)
  • Changing the way society views hustle
  • Focusing on building relationships rather building an empire

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Mark Crandall 

  • “If you don’t know how to throw me a softball, then i’m not going to get in the batter’s box.”
  • “There are people who look for any fault, any judgement because they want to take away the focus of their own F.A.T., false assumed truths.” 
  • “You want to know how most businesses fail? They spend way more time on their logo and business name then they do building relationships.”
  • “There is no definition for success outside of spiritual practices without comparing yourself to somebody else.”

Natalie Jill

  • “What we believe is our truth, always. So whatever you believe, you’re right.” 
  • “Most people that have not achieved a goal that they think they want is because of their beliefs around them”
  • “It has to make sense for my audience” 
  • “If it doesn’t end up making sense for me, financially, timewise, or funwise, then I don’t want it anymore. If it doesn’t light me up and brings added stress to my life, it doesn’t matter how much money it brings in if I’m not happy.”

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